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Cognitive Processing

A bit about cognitive processing.

A fool believes what he sees. The wise man has the power to reason away what seems to be. neve coming near what he wanted to say. Somewhere somehow he still thinks he has a chance. it's better, than nothing at all. (this was meant sarcastically).

Different types of information are learned differently because the information is processed and stored and retrieved differently.

Rote memory is like flash cards. Two things are linked together. They are depicted in the graphic pages as a statement with a definition linked to it underneath. This can be used as a flash card context or (better) inputted into one of several very good flash card programs available free on the web (anki).

Sadly, they miss one huge thing--that getting things into the brain is actually pharmacology. We really know a huge amount about modeling how things get into the brain. The learning folk and the pharmacology folk use the same formula/modeling/math because there just aren't that many different mathematical curves out there and mainly models are different combinations of curves like lego's make many different shapes out of the same (WHICH BY GOD SHOULD BE A SMALL NUMBER) set of lego's. Here is the model anki, smart FM and any other set up should use. (Fig 1) Technically, it is correct. In practice the most important feature is missing. There is a connection between the first and the last compartment. Yes, you can go from seeing a word in a list to knowing it forever. Mainly, because you already knew it for some stupid reason (by coincedence it is the same in language you're learning and a language you already know or the word has some really huge association or you already knew it). Hai, yen, Kanji, Sake, Sushi, you know. Doah, anime, and hundreds of others Come From English. You need to put it into the last compartment right at the first. So, the correct way to learn a language is to 1) get all the parts you need (books/flashcards). 2) learn them in an optimal way.

Integrative memory takes a few different forms. However, the key point is that a series of informational sections lead into each other in order. It is like remembering a story, or a travel or a song. Indeed, it is best to incorporate elements of ALL of this into the memorization.

We provide an example:

Japanese learning.

This actually shares a lot with the rest of the site. Both are about conveying a very large amount of information for immediately grasping and for remembering quite well. This is done by explicitly showing the connections of the information. In this case, the kanji for mouth is a box shape--the animation makes the connection, the poem links the association (box=mouth).

Japanese Box

Each week we will add the next verse in the ongoing song for learning Kanji !!!

Here are the Kanji

Japanese Butt Box o' beans Ghost Dog Dad Child Woman Gate

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